Thursday 11-26-2020 Starke HomeFit

A. 6 sets
8 deadlifts
4 strict pullups

B. 3 RFT*
100 DU
50 air squats
25 pull-ups
*E90s perform 5 burpees

Workout Notes/Intentions: deadlifts can be with a barbell or KB/DB. If you don’t have heavy weights, you can use a tempo or make it deficit. Strict pullups can be subbed for any variation of a row. 

For part B, you will do 3 rounds of 100 DU (sub 150 singles), 50 air squats and 25 pull-ups. Pullups can be subbed for any time of row (KB, BB, DB, towel rows, ring rows, etc). Every 90s you must stop working and do 5 burpees before continuing. Coaches will help call out every 90s so you don’t miss your burpees!