Thursday 2-03-22

Keep your gear on the turf for this class, we want runways for our walking lunges today. Water bottles and beverages should be kept off to the side away from the turf (thank you)

E90 – 12 (18 Min)

Odd Minutes: 8 OH or Front Rack Walking Lunges
Even Minutes: 8-10 Strict Ring Dips

Part A. is a little strength builder with one of my faves, the overhead walking lunge. If you’re wanting to go heavier or have some overhead limitations, perform these in the front rack instead. Lunges can be done with a barbell, kettlebells or dumbbells. Ring dips can be feet on the ground, off the ground, weighted, bander or dips can be done off a box or bench.

AMRAP – 12
40/50 Kcal Echo Buy In then…
8 DB Box Step Overs
6 Devils Press

Two DB’s at…
RX: 35/50#
Intermediate: 30/40#
Beginner: 15/25#

Part B is a little AMRAP with an ECHO bike buy in. Pick weights you’ll be able to go unbroken on your box step overs and perform your devils press in 1-2 sets. Ideally your break will be the transition from one movement to the next.