Thursday 3-21-19


In 20 minutes build to your heavies clean & jerk


Build to your heaviest double front squat from the rack


12 Min AMRAP


15 Wall Balls 20/30#

100’ Loaded Carry 40/60#

10 Double Bell Swings (same weight as carries)


*Today’s workout was a tribute to a friend and neighbor I grew up with for the past 35 years. 

On Tuesday March 19th My family and I said goodbye to Harry Kadrick and laid him to rest. 

He suffered with Schizophrenia for the past 15 years of his life. 

The 15 wall balls at a heavier weight signifies the years he suffered and the voices going through your head when you want to put the ball down but you know you should keep going. 

The moderately weighted loaded carries are supposed to be manageable but the load is always still there.

The double bell swings were supposed to be tough but if you hang in there, there will be some bright spots here and there when You’re done (the rest in the way back to the wall balls).