Thursday 4-28-22 Workout Of The Day

Today’s workout is a special birthday workout for Robin. Last year Robin wrote his birthday workout but I believe there are still a few people finishing it right now 🙂 Thank you robin for all you do at Starke to keep our facility looking great! I tweaked this years workout so it should be completed in less than three hours 🙂

E3M – 5 (15 min)
5 x 12 Deadlift + 12 KB Shoulder Press

Within a 3min window, perform a set of 12 BB deadlifts and 12 seated KB Shoulder Press. Partner up so there’s less bars and plates out.

15 Rounds of (5 rounds of each)
30 sec. work 30 sec. rest
Dbl KB push up
Dbl KB Farmer Carry

C. 100 BB Bicep Curls
If bar is put down Max Decline push ups, push ups or incline push ups.