Thursday 6-02-22 Workout Of The Day

E2:30 – 6
Increasing weight perform the “Bear Complex”

Bear Complex =
1 Squat Clean to thruster to back squat to thruster from behind the neck.
1 Squat clean to push press to back squat to push press from behind the neck

This complex can be done one of two ways. I like the more fluid (top option) better but some people like to pause at the top of the movements. Make sure to pick a weight that will allow you to thruster or push press the weight rather than jerk it! Kettlebells can be used for this as well with a slightly different variation for those that struggle with a front rack position.

E3M – 5
5-7 Bear Complex (the full complex) Every 3 Min

RX: 95/135#
Intermediate: 65/95#
Beginner: 55/75# +/- (3-5 rounds)

Part B. will will be barbell cardio today with the bear complex. Perform 5-7 rounds of the complex every three minutes. Practice being smooth and consistent in part A. and take that into part B with a lighter weight. Each round will be come a little tougher so if you need a little more rest, take it!

Don’t scare the bear!