Thursday 6-03-21 Starke HomeFit

EMOM -12
Odd Minutes: 5-6 Strict Pull-Ups / Ring Rows
Even Minutes: 8-10 Push-Ups / Bench / Floor Press

For Part A. find some challenging variations to complete each movement for a consistent number of reps. Quality over quantity is always number one priority. You should have 25-30 seconds of rest each round.

“Hope Meets Hell” @65/95#
5 Snatches (3/side if using single DB or KB’s)
5 Pul-Ups / Ring Rows / Bent Over Rows / 6 Renegade Rows

Rest 3 Min

8/10 Kcal or 100m Run
4 Devils Press 30/40# DB’s +/-

Rest 3 Min

5 Thrusters
4 Bar Over Burpees

Part B. “Hope Meets Hell” are three six minute AMRAP’s. Your rest is the “Hope” and your working period is the “Hell” 🙂 Pick variations that will keep you moving. You shouldn’t be breaking up your reps as they’re programmed at a lower volume with the intention of continuous movement. Pick an appropriate weight or your time in “Hell” will seem a lot longer than 6 minutes 🙂