Today’s WOD is three rounds of a two-minute all-out effort followed by two minutes recovery. I know what you’re thinking. “So my workout today will only be six minutes in length?”. Not at all!

Don’t think of this workout as a six-minute workout. Think about this as a workout as a real-life event. Think about it as you needing to run up three flights of stairs, kick in a door, grab a loved one and get the hell out of the building before it collapses. This is not a workout where you go and reapply chalk or sip on your water bottle. This is go time!

When a workout is a maximal intensity like this one you’ll spend 30 + reps with an empty bar warming up and refining movement you’ll work on pull up skill work and variations, you’add some weight to the bar and perform more technically sound reps. you’ll bust out more pull-ups and refine movement patterns.

The shorter and higher intensity the workout, the longer the warm-up needs to be to prep the body and the central nervous system for the workout. You should be sweating and have a slightly elevated heart rate when you start this workout so it doesn’t kick you in the face and then jump on your chest.

Enjoy your “Tripple Shot”

Thursday 6-21-18

“Triple Shot”

Three Rounds Of…

Two minutes on and Two minutes off for max rounds and reps.

8 Thrusters 65/95#

8 Pull-Ups

This workout is meant to bring you to your knees over and over… and over… This is a two minute all out max effort workout with two minutes of rest right after your work period.

Thrusters should ideally be unbroken for the first 2-3 rounds so athletes should get an idea of what to pick as a working weight during warm up.

The workout is programmed for Barbell Thrusters but Dumbbell and Kettlebell can be used as well if an athlete doesn’t have an optimal front rack position.

The pull-ups may be substituted if an athlete does not have consistent pull-ups. Consistent jumping pull-ups are recommended rather than banded or a jump with a release of the pull-up bar for each rep.

Other good options to substitute for pull-ups would be…

Bar over burpees (with or without a push up)

Air Bike

Double Unders

Rowing could work but it depends on your transition in and out of the straps. If it takes too long to transition this isn’t a good choice. Rowing without straps (if you’ve practiced it) would work well. Another downside to rowing is that it’s a little more leg dominant and isn’t a good pairing with the thrusters for this workout.


Core work (coaches choice)