Today marks the first ever National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

I struggled with this as I didn’t know what do for a workout. I wanted to do a tribute workout but it felt like it wasn’t enough. After talking with a friend, I thought the best thing I could do was bring awareness to the day by sharing information and attaching some links to help with that through our platform. Please make some time to click on at least one of these links and learn something you can share with others in a positive way.

  • HERE is a link to 94 Truth and Reconciliation Calls to action.
  • Search out and support locally owned Indigenous businesses. Winter is coming. It’s a good time for some Manitoba Mucklucks
  • Check out “The Orange Shirt Story” (shop locally or check out the link to amazon below) by Phyllis Webstad
  • If you are planning to donate to an Indigenous charity (or any charity) do your research and see if your money is helping others the way you want it to. Donations should always make a difference for the people who need it rather than having it go towards administration fees and a small percentage going to the actual cause.
  • Watch the film “We were children” by Tim Wolochatiuk where the story follows two young children who were taken from their homes and placed in church-run boarding schools where the after effects followed them into their adult lives.
  • Search out books by Indigenous authors (there’s lots out there).

9-29-21 Workout Of The Day

Build to your heaviest squat or power clean in 20 minutes

In teams of two, complete the following in order for time…

10 x 300m Runs alternating runners each lap for 5 laps each.

Then alternating working partners.

100 Pull Ups
100 Sit Ups
100 Push Ups
100 Sit Ups
100 KB Snatches 35/50#
100 Sit Ups
100 Kcal ECHO Bike