Tuesday 01-04-21

EMOM – 16
Odd: 5 Thrusters
Even: 8 Pull Ups (see below for variations)

RX: 85/115# & C2B
Intermediate: 65/95# & Pull Ups
Beginner: 55/75# Pul Ups or Ring Rows

Today’s goal for Part A is to go a little heavier in your thrusters and allow some rest before getting onto the pull ups. Depending on your strengths you can mix a match a little BUT keep your weight the same for your thrusters and your method for your pull ups. Your sets of each movement SHOULD be unbroken as you’ll be getting around 45is seconds of rest each round.

20/30 Kcal ECHO Bike Buy in
Max Wall Balls in Remaining time…

RX: 20/30#
Intermediate: 14/18#
Beginner: 12/16#

Pick a challenging pace on the bike and leave something for your wall balls. Pace yourself accordingly and tell yourself how many seconds or breaths you’re going to take between sets of wall balls. Dig deep when that clock comes to the end, you can always do a couple more wall balls… 🙂