Tuesday 02-02-2021 Start HomeFit

A. 2:00 work / 1:00 rest x 5 sets
10 strict pullups +
10 strict press +
max pushups in time remaining

B. 2:00 work / 1:00 rest x 5 sets
10 goblet squats
10 step ups
max jumping lunges/bodyweight lunges in time remaining

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A and B are the same format for today. You will work for 2 minutes and rest for 1 minute. Part A is an  upper body focus, whereas part B is a lower body focus. For A, the buy in each set is 10 strict pull-ups and 10 strict press. The pullups should be done in 2-3 sets, the strict press in 1-2. Use a barbell or double DB/KB for the press. Whatever time is left you will do pushups. Score each set is your number of pushups. Most people will probably get 0:45-1:00 of pushups. 

For Part B, goblet squats and step ups should be unbroken. You can challenge yourself with weight to make the reps fairly challenging for 10. Step ups can be 5&5 or alternating. In the time remaining, you will accumulate max rep jumping lunges if possible. If you are unable to do jumping lunges, bodyweight lunges are fine. If you start with jumping lunges, do them the entire workout. They will get challenging but that’s kind of the point 😉 Stick with them and rest as needed!