Tuesday 02-23-2021 Workout Of the Day

strict HSPU
strict C2B pullup
*30 DU after each set

B. For time: @35/50#
100 KB swings
75 goblet squats
50 pushups
25 goblet squat jumps

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A is not for time. Be mindful when using the rig/wall to allow for space. If you are not comfortable leaving your training box, you can do a seated strict DB/KB press for the HSPU, and a row variation for the pullups. Strict HSPU descend as strict pullups ascend. You will perform 30 DU’s after each round. Ex. 10 strict HSPU, 1 strict C2B, 30 DU, etc. Coaches may put a cap on part A, to allow time for Part B. 

Part B is for time. KB swings should be overhead for those able. Break up reps as needed. The last 25 reps are squat jumps.