Tuesday 03-02-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. 5 sets NFT:
5 s HSPU / Pike Push-Ups / Strict Press
5 s Chin-Ups

B. 14 min AMRAP @35/50 +/-
40 DU (80 singles)
20 Kettle Bell Snatches
10 KB Clean + Front Squat / side

Workout Notes/Intentions: For Part A, you will complete 5 rounds total, resting as needed. HSPU’s should be strict. If you can add a deficit, do so. The chin-ups can also be weighted if possible or subbed for a supine grip ring row, or barbell in the rack chin-up. If you want to stay in your box, you can do pike pushups and DB/KB rows. Both the HSPU’s and chin-ups are meant to be challenging for 5, and you should need rest between sets. 

Part B is a 14 min AMRAP, with all bodyweight movements. 40 DU can be subbed for 80 singles. KB Snatches can alternate hands as you wish to accomplish 20 reps. KB Clean to front squat should be from the ground each time for 5 reps/side and HSPU can be kipping here or strict depending on your level of strength.