Tuesday 03-09-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. EMOM x 15
min 1: 5 heavy bench/floor press
min 2: 5 strict weighted chin-ups
min 3: 5 dips

B. AMRAP x 15 min @35/50#
10 dbl DB squat cleans
10 dbl DB S2OH
40 DU

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A is an upper body strength EMOM. Reps are only 5, so you should be going heavy and challenging yourself with weights/variations. You will have plenty of rest each minute to recover. 

Part B is a 15 min AMRAP, so pace yourself in the first half. Both DB movements are double bell. Squat cleans are from the ground. S2OH will likely be a push press or push jerk. Choose a DB weight that will allow you to get through the dumbbell movements taking 1-3 breaks. 40 DU can be subbed for 80 singles. The goal is around 5 rounds for this workout (1 round ~every 3 minutes)