Tuesday 04-06-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. E2:00 x 7 sets
1 power clean +
1 hang power clean +
1 hang squat clean

B. 5 RFT @85/115#
time cap: 15 mins
15 hang power cleans
12 front squats
9 lateral bar over burpees

Workout Notes/Intentions: You will warmup and build before starting part A. The goal is to get to a challenging weight for your first working set. You can still add weight as you progress through your working sets if it feels/looks good. You should be holding on to the bar for the entire complex. 

Part B is 5 rounds for time. You will use a barbell if possible (sub dbl bells if needed). The hang power cleans should be doable in about 2 sets and the front squats in 1-2 sets.  If you are going to break up movements, strategically save one clean for your first set of front squats. Last set of burpees over the bar should be a sprint.