Tuesday 04-20-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. EMOMx 30 (6 rounds)
min 1: 10 ring dips
min 2: 12 double bell step overs
min 3: 14 heavy KB swings
min 4: burpees
min 5: rest

B. 3 sets:
15 hollow rocks
30 bicycles
15 plank up downs

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A is a long EMOM- you will fo 6 rounds in total. The ring dips can be strict, kipping, banded or feet-assisted. The step overs can be done with two KB’s or DB’s, and should be lighter than your KB for swings. The heavy swings will be to shoulder height, you can choose your own weight. The burpees have no prescribed number as you are working for the full minute. Try to be consistent with your reps; if you hit 15 in the first round, aim to get around 15 in each round following. 

Part B is core work. You can weight the hollow rocks and/or plank up downs if you choose. Get the work done, resting as needed.