Tuesday 05-04-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. 5 sets
8 banded bench press
8/side KB or DB rows

B. 5 RFT @50/70#
15 KBS
15 pullups
15 goblet squats

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A is an upper body strength piece. The banded bench press will be done with a barbell from the rack. You will likely have to share and sanitize bench/barbell between sets. You will attach KB’s and bands to either side of the barbell for your bench press. This will require additional strength and stability in the shoulders, chest, triceps and core. The rows will be done with the support of the bench. Go heavy and keep them strict. 

Part B will be done with one KB. The swings will just be to shoulder height, but should be heavier than usual. You should still be able to do the swings in one set. Pull-ups should be doable in 1-3 sets. Sub banded pull-ups or ring rows. The goblet squats should be doable in 1-2 sets. Push yourself on the final round to do your squats unbroken.