Monday 05/08/2023 Workout Of the Day

For time w/ a running clock:
5 rounds:
10/12 cal ECHO bike
10 hang power cleans
10 burpees
rest 2:00
4 rounds:
15/18 cal ski
15 deadlifts
15 pullups
rest 2:00
3 rounds:
20/25 cal row
20 back rack lunges
20 anchored situps

RX: as written @95/135#
Int: as written @75/115#
Beg: 3 rounds of each @55/75#

Workout Notes: Today’s workout is a long conditioning piece! There are many scaling options available. You can choose to do it as written, with less weight, or you can scale the rounds to be 3 rounds of each portion. The goal for today is to move consistently and pace yourself. You want to have enough in the tank to finish strong! Have fun!