Tuesday 05/30/2023 Workout Of the Day

A. E1:15 x 5 rounds (18:45)
1: 5/arm half kneeling strict press @ 31×1
2: 5 strict chinups @ 31×1
3: 10 dbl DB curl 2 press

B. AMRAP x 12 min
5 pushups
10 HLR
15 air squats
30 DU / 60 singles

Workout Notes: Part A is an upper body strength focus. It is structured like an EMOM but you have 75 seconds for each movement. You should be getting rest each set. Be strict with the tempo for the first two movements. You will complete 5 rounds total.

Part B is a 12 minute AMRAP. The movements are meant to be doable unbroken, reps are small to maintain a quick pace.