Tuesday 07-07-2020 Workout Of the Day

Today we all get to celebrate coach Kraus with a super fun birthday workout! Your Starke family wishes you a super sweaty birthday, and a wonderful year ahead! You inspire so many of us on the daily, and Starke truly wouldn’t be what it is today without you, Kraus. Happy Birthday, we love you!

A. 2 RFT w/ a partner

49 kcal row
49 power cleans @95/135#
49 front squats @95/135#
49 KBS @50/70
49 burpees

B. Finisher w/ empty barbell
49 bicep curls
49 skull crushers
49 floor press

Workout notes/intentions: Part A can be divided amongst teams of 2 however they see fit. Smaller sets and quicker transitions will allow higher intensity. Don’t allow yourself to go to failure on anything; when you feel your self slowing down on a set, stop and let your partner work. You can stay in our square and have your own equipment; just communicate with your partner and choose squares near each other! Have fun with it!

Part B is a nice little finisher for those that have time to stick around and do it. Athletes will do this on their own (not partner style). Goal is to put that barbell down as little as possible! Big sets, small rest, get it done!