Tuesday 07/18/2023 Workout Of the Day

A. 18 min. circuit
6 strict HSPU/pike pushup
6/side single arm DB row (bench support)
6 double DB bench press
6 strict chin ups

B. For Time:
time cap:
15 mins
50 anchored situps
50 KB snatch
50 pushups
50 KB snatch
500m row

RX: 35/50#
Int: 25/40#
Beg: 20/30#

Workout Notes: Part A is an upper body focused circuit. Choose challenging variations/weights for each movement. Move through the circuit at your own pace, resting between movements as needed. No rounds will be recorded for Part A, the focus is no building strength and moving well.

Part B is one round for time. Use a single kettlebell for the snatches; switch arms as needed (50 reps = 50 total, 25 per side). Finish on the rower with a hard effort.