Tuesday 08-04-2020 Workout Of the Day

For time*
100 back squats @105/155#
75 floor press @85/115#
50 strict pullups
25 strict press @65/95#
*E5:00 run 300m, starting at 0:00

Workout Notes/Intentions: For today’s workout, barbell weight will be changing with each movement. If you are not doing RX, the goal is still to start at your heaviest weight for the back squats, decrease weight for the floor press, and then decrease the weight once more for the strict press. No racks will be used; everything will be completed from the floor. Every 5 minutes you will stop working and run 300m, then come in and continue working where you left off, until all the work is done. The workout begins at 0:00 with your first run. Try and hit a big set for your first set of each movement. There is no penalty for breaking your reps; do so as needed. The run will be a nice break from the pushing/pulling. Aside from the back squats, the muscles being recruited for each movement are not the same ones being fatigued while running, so you should be able to hit big sets when you return in from the run.