Tuesday 08-11-2020 Workout Of the Day

5/side sng arm heavy DB hang C&J
5/side DB/KB lateral crossover step ups
5/side DB/KB single arm floor or chest press
5/side DB/KB single leg deadlifts

B. For time @35/50#*:
50 single arm hang C&J
100 single DB step ups
50 single arm hang C&J
*every time you break, 10 box jumps

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A is a strength piece that focuses on all unilateral movements. DB C&J will be from the hang, and can be a push press or a push jerk. They should be challenging and heavier than you would use in a typical workout with this movement. For the step ups you will be holding two DB’ s or KB’s at your side, and standing beside the box laterally. You will step across your body onto the box, crossing over your feet. Perform all 5 reps on the right and then all 5 on the left. The floor or chest press will be done either from the floor or from a bench if there is one available. Find a weight that is challenging for 5 reps. The single leg DL’s can be with one or two DB’s/KB’s. Try to get heavy with each movement, and begin counting your sets when you are at your working weights. Rest as needed- you should not be able to speed through the 5 rounds (if you can, it’s too light). 

For Part B, you can switch arms as often as you’d like. Try to put that bell down as little as possible. Every time you put the dumbbell down, you must perform 10 box jumps before continuing. For step ups, you can rest the bell on one shoulder or hold it in two hands front rack style.