Tuesday 08-18-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. DU skill work
1:00 work / 0:30 rest x 6 sets
odd: 12 KBS + max DU
even: 8 goblet squats

B. 15 min AMRAP @35/50#
12 dbl DB DL
9 dbl DB hang cleans
6 dbl DB S2OH
30 DU

Workout Notes/Intentions: Skill work will focus on double under- either attempting to get them for the first time or making them more efficient if you are able to do them. The 6 sets of 1:00 on/0:30 off is meant to provide more practice for double unders. The KBS and squats should be unbroken, so you can get to your rope and have the majority of that minute spent on double unders. Choose your own KB weight for this portion; something that allows you to move efficiently and complete sets fairly quickly.

For Part B, two dumbells will be used. If you need to break up the rounds, try to do all but one of the reps so you can be efficient and not waste any reps (i.e. 11 DL’s then rest, 1 DL + 8 cleans then rest, etc.) This is a familiar complex known as “DT” which we’ve done with barbells and dumbbells in the past. There is more opportunity in this AMRAP for double unders but they are intentionally low numbers to allow new athletes a reasonable number to maintain in a workout, or for those proficient in double unders to go unbroken.