Tuesday 08-25-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. Skill work- Ring MU

B. 15 min AMRAP
8 dbl KB C&J
6 dbl KB front squats
40 DU
2 RMU or 4 ring dips

C. 4 x 15/12 cal bike
rest 90s-2min b/w each

Workout Intentions:
Skill work will focus on ring muscle ups or ring dips. The skills you work on in part A will be used in the 15 min AMRAP. Choose your own weight for the KB movements. You want to be able to do 8 C&J in a row, and you may rest before doing the squats. The muscle ups are low rep, to allow for athletes to cycle through several rounds and successfully put this higher level skill into a workout. Ring dips can be substituted for muscle ups.

For Part C, this should be an all out effort on the bikes. Record your 4 times on the board. Try to be consistent across all 4 attempts! You get ample rest, so this should be achievable.