Gym News:

We have a couple schedule changes this week so please check the schedule and sign up before showing up to class.
Wednesday, January 16th (and Thursday January 24th) Starke is hosting the West St Paul Wildcats for a school workout from 9-11am. To accommodate for these students we’ve moved the 9:30am class to 11am.

Thursday January 17th the 9:30am class will be moved to 8:30am  and there will be no noon class and allow Ben & Paul to put on a presentation for the National Microbiology Laboratory mid-morning. Don’t worry, we’ll be wearing bio suits and make sure that we don’t get bitten by any monkies while we’re there…   

This Saturday we will be hosting the Bench Press Championships at Starke. If you’re interested in volunteering for the event please send an email to for more details on positions that need to be filled. The powerlifting association will set up Saturday afternoon and lifting should start around 2pm. This will be a short afternoon event as it’s only the one lift for competitors.

Tuesday 1-15-19

20 Minute

Partner Synchro workout

“Mirror, Mirror On The Wall”

15 Deadlifts with a Shared Bar or individual bars but still in sync with your partner… Find a heavy yet suitable weight that there may only be one break with throughout the 15 reps…

40 Double Unders or Single Unders

20 T2B / HLR

15 Thrusters 65/95# or KB @ 30/40#

40 Double Unders

20 KBS  40/60#

15 Pull-Ups

Athletes should go with a partner that will be using the same scaling methods as they do. Both teammates should be meeting at the beginning and end points of the movement before proceeding to the next repetition.

This workout will be paced differently than a “you go I go workout”. Both partners will be working at the same time so pacing is even more critical and needs to be slower than the style mentioned above where teammates get a little more rest and the intensity can be a little higher.