Tuesday 1-22-19


Back Squat 3 x 5 (heavy for 5 or 75-80%)


8 Min AMRAP w. Waterfall Start & 1 Minute Delay

“Speed Bump”

10 Kcal Row

10 Burpee Box Jumps (not over) 20/24”

10 DB/KB Thrusters @ 30/40#

Part A. should be a little lighter than last weeks 3 x 3 on Monday and rest should be 2 approximately 3 minutes between sets. Newer athletes may perform five reps every 90 seconds to add a bit of volume as the weight might not be taxing enough to need three minutes of recovery between rounds.

This workout should be fairly quick and consistent with the row and the thrusters. The Burpee box jumps may slow you down a little. Try and pick a pace and maintain consistency on the burpee box jumps and weight that you can go unbroken on the thrusters.