Tuesday 10-06-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. Skill work: t2b

B. EMOM x 12
min 1: * t2b
min 2: 15 air squats + 10 pushups *reps are athletes choice

C. 8 RFT w/ partner (4 rounds each)*
15/12 cal bike
50 DU
*partner 1 completes a full round while partner 2 rests

Workout Notes/Intentions: ​Skill work will be toes to bar or toes to rings. Coaches will go over progressions and drills for those that are new to them.

For the EMOM, numbers can be scaled. The t2b number should be doable unbroken and allow for about 30 seconds of rest. It will differ for each individual; some may work to string together 3-4. Others 12-15. Air squats and pushups can be adjusted as needed, as long as you are getting about 15 seconds of rest.

For Part C, you will have a partner. One person works at a time while the other rests, and you must complete a full round before your partner goes. Once you get off the bike, the partner that is resting can wipe down seat and handles. The bike should be a hard effort, and transition to DU’s should be quick. It is 8 rounds total; 4 each. If no bikes are available, use a rower and do 18/15 cals.