Tuesday 10-20-2020 Workout Of the Day

7/side half kneeling DB strict press
5 strict C2B pullups
1:00 double OH hold/walk

B. 4 RFT @30/40#
time cap: 12 mins
10 dbl KB C&J
10 dbl KB front rack step overs @20/24″
10 dbl KB front squats

Workout Notes/Intentions: For the half kneeling strict press, you will be on one knee, essentially in the bottom of a lunge position. The knee that is on the ground is the same arm that is working. (i.e. right knee down while right arm working). C2B can be pronated or supinated grip, so long as you are pulling higher than just chin over the bar. The double OH hold/walk will be done in your square. If you want to walk within your square you can!

Part B will be done with 2 KB’s, slightly lighter than usual “RX” weight. The goal is to go unbroken on each movement if possible. If you were to complete one exercise per minute (EMOM style), you would finish just under the time cap, so keep that in mind while you are pacing.