Tuesday 10-22-19 Workout Of the Day

 A. E3:00 x 8 rounds (24 min)

12/10 cal bike
10 burpees
8 t2b
6 DB thrusters @30/40#

*Notes: athletes will work top-down on odd rounds, and bottom-up on even rounds.
Ex. half the class will start with the bike round 1, and work down finishing round 1 with thrusters. For round 2 they will start with thrusters and work up to bike. If there are >10 athletes in a class, rowers can be utilized in addition to bikes.

*athletes should be getting ~0:30 rest each round, reps can be adjusted accordingly if athletes are not getting adequate rest

 *Reps are relatively low, so intensity should be high. Transitions between movements should be efficient.

B. 3-4 sets:
10 bilateral DB tricep kickbacks
8 ring pushups
10 dbl DB or KB upright rows
*rest as little as possible