Tuesday 10-30-18


Use strict Movements for all the work below…

“Strict Tuesday”

3 Rounds NFT

8 Seated Strict Double Bell Press

6 Chin Ups (hands touching and use a bar high enough to maintain a hollow body position the whole time)

6 Ring dips w. 2 second pause in the bottom position.

8 Pistols or single leg squats to a box / leg. Add weight if possible or a plate under the heel if needed.

6 Double Bell Deadlift/Leg 2 second pause with back leg parallel to the ground. DO NOT let the bells touch the ground between the first and last rep.



“Shake Senora”

500m Row

50 Russian KBS 35/50#

40 Wall Balls 14/20#

*5 burpee penalty for putting down the kettlebell or medball once picked up…

#ibelieveinyou J