Tuesday 11-03-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. 5 sets:
8-10 DB or KB floor press
8-10 single arm KB/DB rows

B. 5 sets:
max t2b
rest 1:00 between sets

C. 5 sets:
max ring rows
rest 1:00 between sets

Workout Notes/Intentions: half the class will do Part A, while the other half does part B and C. For part A, challenge yourself with weight so that those last few reps are tough. You should need to take rest between exercises and sets. 

For part B, you will perform a max set of T2b for those that have consistent and consecutive reps. You don’t want to be failing reps and falling off the bar, so stop before that occurs. Doing single reps does not count, if should be a set of t2b strung together; when you lose your rhythm your set is done. If you don’t have consecutive T2b, you can do knees to elbows; ensuring you are maintaining the same standard of movement (i.e. getting your knees up to the same height each rep). Rest 1:00 between sets. Your scores will likely decline in the last few rounds. Part C will be the same format as part B, and you can perform C first if you choose. Just ensure you set your feet at the SAME position each round so that you are being consistent and can compare sets. Make the reps challenging, but you should be able to do 6-8+ reps with the variation you choose. You can elevate feet on a box if you are quite strong at ring rows.