Tuesday 11-09-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. EMOM x 20 mins
1: 5/leg Bulgarian split squats @30×1
2: 6-8 deficit pushups @30×1
3: 0:30 KB front rack 90 degree squat hold
4: 5/arm single arm seated strict press @30×1

B. 4 x 20/15 cal bike
rest 1 min b/w

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A is a mixed strength EMOM, alternating between targeting lower and upper body. Focus on the tempo for the movements which have it. For the third minute, you will have two KB’s in the front rack position and hold a squat position at 90 degrees. Focus on an upright chest and holding the position strong; you are not hanging out at the bottom of the squat, it is purposefully at 90 degrees which is a very active and taxing hold. For pushups you can use plates as a deficit.

For Part B, you will be using the Echo bikes. You will likely need to share, so one person can work while one rests if needed. Otherwise it is a one-minute rest between sets, which will go by very quickly. The goal is a hard effort on the bike, with consistent times. Don’t go all out on your first set, be conservative and try and save your best effort for your last set. Record all 4 times on the board.