Tuesday 11-16-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. EMOM x 35 min
1: 6/arm KB snatch
2: 15 wallballs
3: 6/arm single arm KB thruster
4: 10-12 alternating Z-press
5: 12-15 cals

B. Core work- coaches choice

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A is a 35 minute EMOM- you will be performing 7 rounds total. The KB snatches arm single bell and should be heavy. Choose an appropriate weight. Wallballs should also be challenging for 15, but doable unbroken. You will get about 20-30 seconds rest. Single arm KB thruster may be the same weight as your snatches, or you can use a different one if needed. The Z press will use two KB’s (or DB’s if needed for equipment availability) from a seated position, legs out in front. 10-12 alt. is 5-6 per arm. Cals can be on any machine, choose your own reps that give you about 20 seconds recovery. Be consistent with your reps, every round should be the same number of calories. This workout is a mix of strength and conditioning, that will likely feel mostly like conditioning for the majority of the 35 minutes! Challenge yourself and focus on one minute at a time.

Part B is not optional- coaches choice on core work! They will leave time to do it within class time.