Tuesday 11-22-22 Workout Of The Day

AMRAP – 30

15 Wall Balls 20/30# +/-
14/20 Kcal ECHO
15 Pull Ups
14/20 Kcal Row
15 Strict Push-up + Box Jump Over*
14/20 Kcal C2
15 Dbl. Kettlebell C&J 30/40# +/-
14/20 Kcal Ski

*Strict push up + box jump over is like a burpee box jump over but tighter. Chest should touch the ground on the pushup and thighs should NOT.

B. Core work. Coaches choice.

Today’s workout is a longer solo AMRAP. Pick movements and weights you’ll move consistently with. Set a pace right off the bat and maintain it throughout the workout.

Have fun!