Tuesday 12-01-2020 Starke HomeFit

A. EMOM X 20 mins (5 rounds)
min 1: 6 curtsy lunges per leg
min 2: 6-8 renegade rows (row R + row L + push-up=1)
min 3: 8-10 goblet squats @ 31×0
min 4: 0:45 weighted plank

B. 4 RFT
Time cap: 15 mins

21 KBS
15 t2b
90 DU

Workout Notes/Intentions: today’s part A is some full body strength work. The first minute will be curtsy lunges. You may load these weight whatever weight you have available. If you don’t have heavy enough weights to make them challenging, you can add a deficit (stand on something higher off the ground) or slow them down with a tempo. Renegade rows can be modified if you have only one weight; perform 5-6 reps on each side since they will be a bit quicker than alternating. Goblet squats can be weighted with any equipment; KB, DB, or BB. 3 seconds down, 1 second pause at the bottom, drive it up and no pause at the top. Your quads will be burning! Weighted plank can be hands or elbows. Coaches will call out the time and you will have 15 seconds to rest/transition before going back to the top.

For part B, KBS can be overhead or shoulder height. Aim to do these unbroken. T2b can be subbed for HLR or dragon flags. Goal is 1-2 sets. 90 DU or 150 singles.