Tuesday 12-15-2020 Starke HomeFit

single arm DB/KB push press (reps per side)
single arm DB/KB row (reps per side)

B. 5 RFT
time cap 20 mins

30 lunges
20 pullups
10 devils press

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A is an upper body strength piece; with complimentary push/pull movements. Reps are per side, so the 10 push press are 10 on the right, then 10 on the left. You will likely use different weights, if you have available. Use what you have, and if needed you can add a pause or tempo to challenge yourself if weights are too light. 

For Part B, you can weight the lunges with a BB, DB or KB’s. Back rack or at your sides will work since it’s higher rep. Pull-ups can be subbed for any variation of a row. The devil’s press are intended as 2 dumbbells if you have; otherwise 1 will work. If you have one, alternate each rep. It’s a longer one, so pace yourself and chip away at those reps and rounds.