Tuesday 12-29-2020 Starke HomeFit

A. 10-8-6-4-2
BB floor/bench press
BB supine grip rows

B. 5 RFT 
20 goblet squats
15 KBS
10 pushups
50 DU

Workout Notes/Intentions: weight for part A should increase each set as the reps decrease. Goal is unbroken but challenging sets. Sub KB’s or DB’s if no barbell is available. Do not rush movements- maintain quality of movement. Do not bounce or use momentum.

For part B, use the same weight for goblet squats and swings. Swings can be overhead if possible. Squats should be doable in about 2 sets, swings likely in 1. Ensure pushups are done the same way throughout all 5 rounds. 50 DU can be subbed for 100 singles!