Tuesday 2-05-19

30 Min Grinder

“Pain Cave Tour”

1 Rope Climb

1 Heavy Sled Push x 50’

1 Peg Board climb (to 10’ for women) or 3-5 Chin Ups @ 31×1

1 Squat Clean + 2 Front Squats or 5 Double Bell Cleans + 5 Front Squats

10 Deadlift (same weight as clean + squats or use heavier DB’s or KB’s)

Today’s WOD is a slow and heavy grinder. Enjoy 🙂

Rope climbs can be done with feet, from seated to standing, or even seated to standing on a box (ask coach for appropriate variations.
Sled push should be heavy and unbroken for 50″
Pegboard climbs, Pegboard Chin-Ups, or chin-ups can be used for this variation
Squat Clean + 2 FS should be heavy for three reps with the same weight being used for the deadlifts.