Tuesday 2-08-22 Workout Of The Day

“Nautical Glen”
30 C&J
1600/2000m Row
10 Rope Climbs
1600/2000m Row
100 Burpees

This workout is a modification to the hero WOD “Glen” where the Run has been changed to a row.  If you don’t have rope climbs, perform strict pull-ups or up-downs on the rope for 10 reps. There will need to be some sharing on the rope but it will be a little broken up as there will be 30 C&J and a row that needs to be done before people start needing it. After you finish your second row, set a pace on your burpees and keep moving. The end is near… 🙂

RX: 95/135#
Intermediate: 85/115#
Beginner: 55/75#