Gym News: Sorry for the late post on this one. It was a long non-stop day at the gym that just came to an end.

It was a crazy productive day at the gym and a HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Becky Brown and Mark Oxer for helping to make our member lounge / welcome area #betterthanyesterday and helping to make our mezzanine pretty 🙂

There were a lot of big things and sooooo many small things that were accomplished that’s helped to make the gym look the way it does.

We’ve still got some awesome plans coming along and we think you’re going to love the changes…

Tuesday 2-12-19

30 Min Partner AMRAP

“Shadow Show”

500m Row “solo” (250 ea.)

15 S2OH @ 85/115# (synchro)

15 Pull-Ups (synchro)

6 x 50’ Shuttle Runs (synchro)

20 BB Alternating Back Lunges (synchro)

20 Synchro Plate Burpees

This workout is to be done in pairs with both partners working synchronized at the same time EXCEPT ON THE ROWER (that could get awkward).

Plan how you’re going to communicate for the workout and when you’re going to take your breaks. This will be a lot different than a “you go I go” workout as both partners will be working most of the time…