Tuesday 2-15-22 Workout Of The Day

EMOM – 6
1-2 Drop Snatch (build weight if possible)

Think fast be fast. The drop snatch drill with challenge you to be quick to your receiving position under the bar. Newer members should perform 3-4 reps with light weight (PVC, 15# bar 25# training bar) and seasond members should be adding weight each round if possible. If you don’t have a great overhead position, go light, stay higher and move fast.

E 2:30 – 6
1 Snatch Balance (from the rack) + 2 OHS

In part B, we get to use our legs to get the bar moving with the snatch balance so it will be easier to move more weight and get under the bar with this movement. Once again, if you don’t have a great overhead position, stay higher in your receiving position and move fast.

*If overhead is not an option for you at all, perform a squat clean + 2 front squats…

8 Overhead Squats
8/10 Kcal Row

RX: 85/115#
Intermediate: 65/95#
Beginner 35/45# +/-

Front squats may be substituted for this couplet if an overhead squat is not a good option for you. Your reps should be unbroken on the squats and transitions quick for your row…