Tuesday 3-29-22 Workout Of The Day

EMOM – 35 (7 rounds)
In Teams of two…

Minute 1.
KB or DB Walking Lunges (front rack)
Minute 2.
Alt DB Renegade Rows w. Push Up.
Minute 3.
Minute 4.
DB Box Step Overs
Minute 5.
Kcal Ski or ECHO

Today’s workout is a partner workout where you’ll change movements every minute but you’ll be working for the first 30 seconds and your partner will be working for the last 30 seconds of each round. When person one completes their 30 sec they should use their partner’s work period to get to the next exercise and await the start bell for the next round. There is no additional transition time onto of the minute of work 🙂 Choose weights that will allow you to work and move for the whole 30 seconds you’ll have a chance to build and see how you feel in the warm up.