Tuesday 4-18-23 Workout Of The Day

Today is a little strength focus for part A. with some squats and pull ups. If a barbell back squat isn’t a good option a heavy goblet squat is a great alternative. Make sure to prioritize movement and depth over weight being used. Find a good challenging variation for pull ups and add weight if desired. Ring Rows can also be a good alternative if you’re a newbie.

E4M – 5
3 BB Back Squat
5 Strict Pull Ups

Find a challenging three back squats for the day before beginning your sets and continue to build through your five rounds if possible. Pull-ups should be done in the most challenging way possible for your ability level.

AMRAP – 10
“The Power Of Ten”
10 DB or KB Thrusters
10 T2B / HLR / Wall Ball Sit Ups
10 Shuttle Runs (wall to wall)

This AMRAP is three simple movements that should ideally be unbroken. If you need to break on the T2B, only one break should be needed. Thrusters should be done unbroken with your chosen weight. DB’s would be better for newer participants!