Tuesday 5-03-22 Workout Of The Day

Perform one squat clean Thruster + 1 more thruster (build weight each round). The rest is short so start at the bell and have some weight ready to add. With the limited time, weight’s won’t get too heavy.

3 Rounds Of…
3:00 Work & 2:00 Rest
40 Double Unders or 40 Single Skips
8 Thrusters
6 C2B Pull Ups

Rest 3 Min

3 Rounds Of
3:00 Work & 2:00 Rest
10 Alt Fornt Rack Lunges
8 Bar Over Burpees
6 Ring Dips

Part B. is three minutes of work and two minutes of rest. Make sure to count your rounds and pick up where you left off after each round.