Tuesday 5-17-22 Workout Of the Day

E2M – 4
5 Strict Press
Directly into

E2M – 4
5 Push Press
Directly into

E2M – 4
5 Push Jerk

In part a we have a bit of a build through three different movements. Every two minutes for four rounds you will perform five strict press. This can be done from the rack with a barbell or use kettlebells if you don’t have a great front rack position with a barbell.

“Knock Knock Ginger”
5 Dbl. Bell Front Squats 35/50# +/-
2 Shuttle Runs.

Part B is a ladder where are you will start with five double bell front squats then perform to shuttle runs from wall to wall. Each round the double bell front squats will go up by one rep and the shuttle runs will remain the same. Pace the run so you can get back on your bells ASAP.