Tuesday 6-14-22 Workout Of The Day

E2:30 – 6 (15 Min)

Every two minutes and thirty seconds, perform two snatches from the ground. Snatches can be power snatches or squat snatches.
If you find an overhead squat challenging perform one of the following options A. Perform two power snatches OR two Squat cleans IF you don’t have an ideal overhead position at all.

Benchmark Workout (cap 25min)
“Nancy” 5 RFT
400m Run
15 Overhead Squats

RX: 65/95#
Intermediate: 55/75#
Beginner: 35/45# (3-5 rounds)

Part B. is a benchmark workout. It starts off with a 400m run (200m out and 200m back) followed by fifteen overhead squats.
Modifications for this workout.
*Beginner: 3-5 Rounds
*Row instead of run (400/500m)
*Front squat instead of overhead squat