Tuesday 6-15-21 Starke HomeFit

AMRAP – 20
10 Hang Power Cleans @ 65/95#
10 Pull-Ups
10 Alternating Back Lunges (front rack)
10 American KBS 35/65#
10 Push Ups with alternating shoulder & knee tap
200m Run

Part A can be done with DB’s KB’s or a Barbell. Your reps with weight should be unbroken and your Pull Up and Push Up Variations should be broken up only once max. Pace the run to allow for some recovery and let you get back to work as soon as you get back to your weights.

E90 – 8 (12 min)
6-8 Chest Press (incline, flat bench, floor press) & 6 Chin Ups

*Find challenging variations for both movements that will allow you to get in and around 45 seconds rest each round. Since the rest will be shorter than an E2M or E3M make sure loading / method of exercise is appropriate for the rest period.