Tuesday 8-31-2021 Workout Of the Day

3:00 work / 2:00 rest x 8 sets (2x thru)

1: 30/20 cal ski
max rep devils press @35/50#

2: 300m run
max rep DB front squats @35/50#

3: 30/20 cal bike
max rep DB hang C&J’s @35/50#

4: 30/20 cal row
max rep burpees

Workout Notes/Intentions: today’s workout is a series of 3 minute AMRAP’s with 2 minutes rest between. You will be doing each AMRAP twice, for a total of 8 AMRAP’s. The first movement is a buy-in, the second movement you will accumulate max reps in the time remaining. Score for each AMRAP is your total reps of the second movement. All DB movements are double bell. Use the same weight for all exercises- the devils press will be the most taxing likely. The buy-in should take you around 90 seconds or so, give or take a bit depending on the machine. You will likely have to share machines, so coordinate that prior to the beginning of the workout. If you get less than a minute on the max reps, adjust the calories or the distance you’re running.