Tuesday 9-13-22 Workout Of The Day

30 Min AMRAP
“Long Way Home”
20 Wall Balls
14/20 Kcal ECHO
20 Box Jump Overs
14/20 Kcal Row
20 Dbl. KB Snatches
14/20 Kcal Ski
20 Alternating BB Back Rack Back Lunges
14/20 Kcal C2

Wall Balls 14/20# +/-

RX: KB 25/35# BB 85/115#
Intermediate: KB 20/30# BB 65/95#
Beginner: 15/25# +/- BB 55/75#

Today we’ve got a long AMRAP ahead of us. Pick weights you can go unbroken or one break with in your 20 reps and keep moving. Equipment will be set up from the turf to the garage doors in “games” fashion, so pick a line and follow it through. If you’re going to partner up, the “faster” person should start and be the carrot 🙂

Have fun!