Tuesday 9-14-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. 8-10 min Skill work: t2b and/or DU

B. EMOM x 12 min
odd: t2b
even: DU

C. 3 rounds for max reps:
1:00 wallballs @14/20#
1:00 DB snatch @35/50#
1:00 single DB step ups @35/50#, 20/24”
1:00 rest

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A will be time to work on skills; either T2B or DU. Coaches can give you direction as to what you should practice or work on during this time. You may choose to practice one or both movements in Part A. In Part B, you will complete a 12 minute EMOM of the two skills from Part A. Reps are up to you. It should take you about 30 seconds or so, give or take. Be consistent with your reps, whatever you start with in minute one, you should be able to stick to for all 6 rounds. 

For Part C, try to set yourself up so that you can step right from wallballs into the DB snatches, and then from the snatches to the step ups. Snatches are alternating from the ground. Try  to switch on the fly for efficiency. Step ups will be done with a single DB and you can hold it however you want. Count your reps as a total for each round. (i.e. if you get 25 wallballs, your first snatch would be rep 26). You should have a total at the end of each round which coaches will write on the board during your one minute of rest.